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The Benefits Of Mediation Over Litigation In A Divorce

Nicole Wood Hermsdorf, Esq., LL.M owner of Hermsdorf Law, LLC a premier law firm in Newburyport, Massachusetts provides effective mediation as an alternative to litigation in a divorce.

Mediation is a voluntary dispute resolution process in which a neutral third person helps the parties reach an agreement by focusing on the key issues in a case by exchanging information between the parties and exploring options for settlement.

While mediation cannot guarantee specific results, there are trends that are characteristic of mediation. Below is a list of some of the benefits of mediation:

  • It is less expensive then litigation
  • It is less stressful
  • It is private and confidential
  • It is quicker and more flexible
  • Provides mutually satisfactory outcomes

Settlements reached in mediation are more agreeable to both parties than court judgments. Mediation allows the parties to not only control the process but the decisions made that will affect their families lives going forward. It has been proven that parties are generally more satisfied with solutions that have been mutually agreed upon, as opposed to solutions that are imposed by a third party decision-maker. Mediation is empowering! The process allows people to develop mutual solutions, meeting their specific needs, interests and values as well as protecting their rights.

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